Open the Secret Locket of Attraction Marketing…And Watch What Happens!

By Michael Barrett

My name is Michael Barrett and I look forward to getting to know you as our community grows and takes on a life of its own.  As many of you may be aware, the way that we communicate and engage one another on the Internet has been evolving.  I initially began marketing my music online as a composer and musician.  More recently I have delved more deeply into expanding and developing my skill set to serve others as an online entrepreneur and marketing consultant. In the beginning, marketing online assumed many of the characteristics of offline marketing but we have been seeing a shift in this paradigm. In light of the fact that millions of people from around the world are now using the internet for socializing, developing relationships with the many thousands of social sites like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, B2bMatches and so many others  emerging daily has made the internet more exciting and dynamic.

My earliest recollections of going online use to feel a lot less personal.  In the days of dial-up connections, with that lovely sound of technology dazzling our ears, before the dawn of high speed internet, people use to talk about those who engaged in what was tagged as cyber love and how unrealistic it was to establish a truly meaningful relationship with someone who you never met in person.  And I think to some extent, that this is still the case. However in recent times, there has been a kind of harkening back to building and developing relationships online that better reflect the kinds of interactions that we experience in every day life offline.  It is this powerful need to connect with one another in a more meaningful way that has given rise to the emergence of the popular notion of the law of attraction.

The law of attraction as it has been repackaged and revealed for us in the Secret as something new and novel, is as old as the universe which gave rise to a species called ‘Human.’ And most human beings enjoy the many benefits bestowed on us and endowed in us as persons who enjoy and celebrate living, breathing, loving and interacting with one another.  For those of us who love life, delight in the act of celebrating time together as friends, occasionally as family and especially as lovers, can truly relish the inner workings and life giving nuances of the Law of Attraction and it’s newest offspring: Attraction Marketing.

This new fascination with the law of attraction is a tremendous breakthrough and life changing enhancement for all of us who are interacting in a more powerful and more positive way online.  It is this resurgence of being human and personal online that has given  rise to the explosion of social networking with friends who make up a large and ever growing population that constitutes  a flourishing online community.

This online movement of millions of people interacting and communicating with one another from around the world, sometimes engaging in e-commerce and shared services, has also given rise to a phenomenon, described in the business world, and most relevant to the interactive online community as: Attraction Marketing.

Most of us love to buy, but we generally do not like being sold to. As consumers we want to be fully in control of the decision making process to buy or purchase a product or service. No one likes a pushy sales person and if you ask any one who has been involved in direct sales or network marketing, they will tell you, if you have not indulged in the process yourself, how difficult it is to sell to others.  When I was very young, I remember my mother slamming the door on a gentleman who was selling encyclopedias door to door.  She was upset with the man because he kept coming back after being told by her that she was not interested.  It is interesting that this was the same period in American history that we had milk and bread products delivered pretty much every day. The only difference being:  we ‘wanted’ or  “requested” those products and services.

Attraction Marketing operates on a similar playing field. To attract people to ourselves, we need to be about offering them something of value.  We have been told that it is in giving that we receive.  In a loving relationship, as in a good friendship,  it is much more profound and powerful to give without expecting reciprocation. This is not to be confused with unhealthy enabling relationships, but in its purest sense assuming that you like most of us, enjoy being pampered and catered to with unsolicited affection and attention that hopefully occurs all too frequently (yah…only in your dreams you say) in a loving and thriving relationship – and hopefully not with Joe the Plumber…

But on a serious note, it is  powerful fur us  to  receive, but more powerful to give generously without conditions. Engaging in a kind of selflessness in giving to others, will result in them coming back to you for more.  The point being that if we do have a primary business, it is far more exciting to share this opportunity, service or product with someone who expresses a desire to partner up with us because they have been impressed with our leadership abilities and the Educational Marketing that we have provided.  Ultimately they trust us.  This is so much more refreshing and more powerful than trying to persuade someone that they SHOULD join us because NOW is the time to get in.  All of this might be true, but I would prefer to partner up with individuals who want to work with me for reasons just mentioned.  Like my mother who requested that milk and bread be delivered to our house, I would prefer that you seek me out and inquire about my primary business.  This is not to say that I do not enjoy getting passionate about what I believe, but there is a time and a place when that becomes an  appropriate course of action.  This is the power of Attraction Marketing.

It is my hope and dream, that you will catch my vision and mission as you have a look around and see what is here to assist you in your personal and professional development.  There are many wonderful training tools available to us to make it happen.  I invite you now to ‘taste and see” for yourself.  It’s exciting to be alive, online and it is exciting to develop friendships and relationships with special people like you.

You’re Partner in Success
Michael Barrett

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