When you deal with a home business, especially a business that doesnt cater to the wide open market out there, you really need to know how to attract your niche. For instance, consider your home business is about bike repair. Surely everyone is not going to be interested in your website and not everyone is going to be a potential visitor either. You are catering to only a few people here, and that is your niche. It really pays if you can reach out to your niche, or rather, have your niche reach out to you. Your prospects are heightened only if interested people visit you. Here, we see the three most interesting methods in which you can bring interested people—ie your niche—to your home business website. Social Networking In todays times, this is definitely the best method to reach out to people who are interested in a particular kind of activity. Most social networking websites list peoples likes and dislikes and hobbies and such personal stuff and these are also searchable on their database. If you are on a social networking site such as Twitter of Facebook or MySpace, you could directly find someone who is interested in a particular kind of thing. The next logical step would be to invite them to a group that you have established. Of course, you could also join into one of the many existing groups on the social networking website. Once you have people, you could try soft promotional strategies with them, probably giving good information so that they get hooked. People

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