\ 1-603-988-5057 Henry Vigeant Lightyear Wireless,”The next billion dollar company”, from a 3rd party prediction. Front cover of the Network Marketing Business Journal, as the business of the month. We are a 16 year old telecommunication company, that launched a new division in cell phone service. ABC News says 65% of all new cell business is prepaid. Our mission is to help people save on a bill they already pay. Ranked Number 2 on Youtube. More information call 1-603-343-5413, 1-603-988-5057 Henry Vigeant Vice President Lightyear Wireless http Check out some other great videos. Why Lightyear Wireless Getting paid on everyone’s wireless bill is only a small portion of the reasons to join today! by Bosco19641939 | 2 years ago | 3914 views YTB (Your Travel Business) Alternative – Lightyear Wireless Times are tough and travel is not as hot as it used to be, but communications is a necessity… Why not bring your … by realcsmith | 1 year ago | 3093 views for more info Google: Ama nation More wireless news:

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