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Is Attraction Marketing a Revolution?

Attraction marketing is at once a revolution and a very simple concept. It is revolutionary because unlike what can now be recognized as ‘traditional’ marketing, attraction marketing does not seek to aggressively pursue sales leads, or push through points of resistance in its customers. Rather, attraction marketing is simply about creating an experience of the product that is pleasurable, and trusting that sales will follow.

Fundamentally, attraction marketing recognizes that traditional marketing, while sometimes effective in the short-term, can create a negative experience for customers. If you’ve ever had the experience of walking past a store in a mall, and deciding not to go in because you can see idle salespeople in it waiting to ’sell’ to you, then you can understand this point. Being ’sold’ to can be an uncomfortable experience, and whether or not it convinces you to buy this time, it may well give you a negative impression of that store or that product that will dissuade you from going back in the future.

In contrast, a store that embraces attraction marketing would simply create a pleasant environment for its patrons, and an attractive display of its products. The principle is that creating a good experience of the products, with no pressure to buy, will create positive associations in the minds of the consumers. They might not buy this time, but their favorable impression of the products will very likely lead to a sale at some point in the future when they are ready to buy.

Attraction marketing requires a certain level of trust on the part of the seller: trust that simply creating an attractive and enjoyable experience for the customer will lead to future sales. This can be difficult, as particularly in tough economic times the temptation is to pursue the ‘hard sell’ with anyone who comes within range of the products. But the fact is, attraction marketing works, and more and more businesses are adopting it. Consider it for your business today.

By Angela Giles
Is the published author of the Inside Scoop Review. She is a marketing guru who teaches others how to create massive marketing funnels using free & inexpensive methods!

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The Power of “NO”?

drmikethomson: Just produced a FREE CD for Parents On Sanity Saving Tips. $6.95 to handle and ship it along with the money Uncle Sam gets to mail it…

by Franco Gonzalez

1. Understand that people are looking for LEADERSHIP & Mentors that can actually show them how to make money online and offline. This is critical to your success. You must position yourself as a leader and offer your target market the training and marketing information they are seeking. Inexperienced people tend to wonder how they can teach marketing if they’re new themselves… You can go to ezine article directories like EzineArticles and search for articles on topics you want to learn. Read and learn the topics, and then turn around and teach what you just learned. As a new struggling marketer, you’ll still be positioned as a person who can teach them something they don’t know.

2. Know Your’ Target Market If you’re in the home based business industry promoting a direct sales or network marketing program, then you should know the hottest target market you can focus on attracting is the existing network marketer and online marketer. The time in your pipeline will be reduced with this target, they already believe in the industry so you won’t have to worry about going through that skeptical debate and most existing marketers are looking for marketing knowledge and information. By focusing on the existing marketer, you’ll still attract plenty of new marketers as well so you’ll benefit by attracting both targets.

3. Place Simple, Targeted Ads That Compel Your Target Market To Click This is where Attraction Marketing comes into play. Knowing your target market well will allow you to identify their main frustrations with their business and what benefits or solutions they are looking for. Phrase your ads in a way that you agitate a frustration and then offer a solution that solves their problem. To get to the solution they must click on your ad to get to your offer. Offering free “How To” information to marketers on learning traffic tactics and marketing skills in the form of a free email course, video series, recorded audios, etc… is a high conversion tactic.

4. Drive That Targeted Traffic To Your Own Lead Capture Page or Blog This is where most online marketers fail. Your company’s replicated lead capture page is NOT the answer. Not if you want to attract more opt-ins for less money. Your own personalized lead capture page, with accessible links on your personal blog, Free Video Boot Camp, Social Site Profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace etc. and selected ad postings on Craigslist, Backpage and solo ads – should contain a “Direct Response Marketing” headline, subheadline and some key benefits about your offer. A free newsletter, special report, video training series, audio recording or other compelling free information should be offered here that is designed to solve the frustration your ad agitated. This is key to building a responsive list.

5. Follow up with a systemized email autoresponder: A series of email follow up letters should be linked to your capture page so that you can follow up with your new leads using automation. This is where the majority of your sales will be made. Constant follow up is crucial in building trust, credibility and rapport with your list. By offering valuable content and teaching them exactly what your lead capture page and your initial ad offered to teach, you will warm up your list and prepare them to buy or join you in business.

6. Close Sales A tremendously weak part of the average marketer’s system. Most automated online sales systems are great at opening up the sales process and attracting leads in. At that point most rely on the marketer to actually follow up and close sales. This is where most home business systems fall woefully short and cause the high failure rate in the industry. Depending on the process your system uses, you should be able to close on 1-2 sales for every 100 -150 opt ins in most online based home businesses programs that are considered “top tier” ($1,000+ start up pricepoint). If your system is not getting this closing rate then you should carefully analyze the entire system and determine which part in the sales process is weak. Many programs use leverage, technology and systems effectively to open and attract people into the sales process, only to leave the critical part of closing sales to the weakest part of the system – the inexperienced marketer. Fortunately in recent months there have been a few automated Attraction Marketing Systems that have hit the market that allow the online marketer to focus on the “front end”, which is advertising and driving traffic to their system. The system leverages professional call centers or specialized copywriting, audios and videos on the sales presentation site that actually closes sales without ‘you’ the Marketer or Independent Business Owner, (IBO) to get involved. For more information on how to leverage the internet and automated Attraction Marketing Systems to generate significant cash flow online people can perform Google searches on “Attraction List Building” or “Attraction Marketing” and also search for the same keywords and further their understanding of what is available in the marketplace.

About the Author: Franco Gonzalez is a professional Internet Attraction Marketing coach who helps families’ build full time home businesses on the internet quickly and affordably. Visit his site:

Youtube Marketing Tips

“Learn The 3 Strategies I Use In Every Video I make To Rank High On YouTube”\

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