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When we lose someone through death it is very painful for most of us. I remember losing my friend David who had become my very best friend. Whenever David would call we had more laughs. And when I lost him to death it was very hard and I cannot say that I have ever had a friend like David since. I think because our friendship was one of generosity and we were not possessive or jealous. Our friendship and love will last into eternity. The following selection of music will bring you much joy in trusting that the love that we have known with a friend, spouse or loved one is very much present and all around us. I invite you to listen to this masterfully written piece of music and allow yourself to enter into a moment in eternity with that special person who is only a breath away.

Chaplaincy Services at Presbyterian Healthcare Services & French Funerals – Cremations Sponsors
Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico on
Grief and Healing with Alan Wolfelt PHD

Alan Wolfelt image

Join us on Tuesday evening, June 2, 2015, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., for “Healing your Grieving Heart: Exploring Practical Touchstones for Caring for Yourself.” free to the public and to conference participants. We look forward to having you join us for this evening of hope and healing. Someone in your life has died. You are now faced with the difficult, but important, need to mourn. This compassionate program will outline some practical touchstones that can assist you as you mourn the death of someone in your life.

The Art of “Companioning” Versus “Treating” the Mourner: Principles and Practices for
Healing Grief and Loss

is a day long accredited workshop being offered on June 3rd for Grief Caregivers including: Physicians, Nurses, Chaplains, Social Workers, Licensed Practitioners, Psychologist, Funeral Directors and First Responders

The conference will take place on June 3, 2015. A block of rooms is reserved at the Albuquerque Marriott on 2101 Louisiana Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110 Group Rate
$139 per night/double occupancy
For reservations, call 1-800-228-9290, and mention code PHC, or reserve on-line at

The fees for the June 3 conference are as follows:

For registrations received
before 10 p.m. on May 25, $95
After 10 PM on May 25 and at
the door, $120. The Workshop
on Wednesday June 3rd
includes a catered lunch.

We regret that Presbyterian cannot accept your credit card information over the phone. To attend the day-long conference, please register on-line using the “Register” tab, above. If you prefer to mail in your registration with a check, please use this form or the mail-in leaf on the brochure.

To register online go to:
Event Coordinator: Michael Barrett
Phone: 505-841-1191 Fax: 505-841-1960

Refund policy:

If you cannot attend, Presbyterian Chaplaincy Services will refund tuition, less a $25.00 administrative fee, provided it is received in writing by May 25, 2015. All refunds will be made by check, regardless of the original method of payment. No refunds will be issued after this date or for non-attendance. Conferences are subject to cancellation. In the event this conference is canceled, Presbyterian Chaplaincy Services is not responsible for any airfare, hotel, or other costs incurred by participants.

Music provided by vocalist Adam Alvarez and pianist Michael Barrett

“Winter” New Release from Tom Barrett

Tom Guitar Keys 

Tom Barrett & Kenny Thomas


Profile: Hello Everyone, My name is  Michael Barrett and I am a Mentor, Composer, Producer and Entrepreneur. My passion, mission and purpose in life is in coaching and mentoring people to be successful in their own businesses especially in the network marketing industry and direct sales.

A Little About ME:

Born and raised in Massachusetts (USA) I was raised in a wonderful home as one of six boys. I also had the privilege of having a live in grandmother who was nothing less than wonderful, loving, and a BIG worker. My mom was a very special person who was truly dedicated and committed to serving her family. Even in the leanest of times, we always ate well, My dad owned his own business. In startling contrast to our home of nine people, he was raised in a single parent ome with his mom, (our live in grandmother), and his one bother Joseph, who later became his business partner. In looking back, this upbringing definitely taught me one thing, a strong work ethic and how to be persistent in owning your own business with all the risks involved. A common definition of insanity is to continue to do the same thing over and over again expecting different results! Many people who own and operating their own business is kind of like that. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. You have to develop a strong faith that things will be okay in the face of every adversity and economic trend. It seemed like having an abundance of cash flow was overly dependent on the state of the economy at any given moment. …Sound Familiar?… Even in the best the times, the odds were sometimes stacked against you. Well you get the picture:

In spite of my wonderful upbringing, I later came to realize, like many of you, that the vast majority of people are trained and led to believe that hey have very little control over their lot and life and carry on their daily affairs thinking that opportunity has passed them by or was never there in the first place. We have all heard the old adage from many of our parents, teachers, mentors and peers: Get a “Good Education,” a “Good Job,” and You will be Set For Life. Unfortunately many of the Blessed Souls and Good Living People who choose to embrace such a mindset continue to live a life without a lot of flex with a world view that predisposes them and often sustains an ongoing lifestyle marked by limiting beliefs and lack of vision and passion for Abundance. Something that I knew early on which became crystal clear in latter years is that I needed to create my own reality and forge my own destiny. This kind of attitude can best be illustrated by the achievements of athletes who strive to break world records like that of Roger Bannister who in May of 1954, was the first to run a mile under 4 minutes. Once he broke the record, some twenty thousand runners have followed in his footsteps to accomplish the same goal or have surpassed him. Prior to his outstanding achievement, no one in the world thought it was possible, but he had a vision and a passion that changed every thing. Now I ask you, after posing these same questions to myself. What would you like to accomplish? Do you have unfulfilled Dreams? What would you like to achieve, and what is your game plan and strategy to do so and Make It Happen?

After college I continued my quest to make a difference and went on to do four more years of graduate studies in Theology and Pastoral Counseling. Although I had many wonderful musical skills, I felt the need to embrace a mission to serve the Church in its Ministry and Pastoral Outreach. This truly was a work of love and I cherish every minute that I served in that leadership capacity and was touched by many of the leaders I worked with and the people who I served.

A few years ago, after prayerful reflection and having become the principle care giver for my mom, Evelyn Shields (Life long Musician & Vocalist) who suffered a massive right brain stroke, my interests turned to the development of my entrepreneurial skills. As a musician, composer and producer of several audio CD’s, I was no stranger to marketing. I immersed my self in the ongoing and ever changing world of marketing strategies with a special emphasis in marketing on the internet. I also had a felt need to  expand my  vision and passion to empower all who desire abundance, financial independence, prosperity that is facilitated and sustained by an integrated lifestyle that embraces Love, Family, Health & Wellness, Personal Achievement, Self Mastery, a Mastermind Culture, Dynamic Spirituality and Team Synergy.

In spite of all the peaks and valleys that I encountered throughout the years,  I have always been able to keep a positive attitude about life. This is  something that was instilled in me by  my mother who like many of us, has had her share of personal challenges to overcome. Although the work that I was doing prior to my recent endeavors was very fulfilling, my greater need for independence and the need to expand my horizons and develop a comprehensive lifestyle did not jive in some of the wok places and settings I found myself in.  I discovered my True North when  I began to realize  the power and freedom of owning my own life as an entrepreneur and marketing consultant.

Who I’d like to Meet…

Like minded people who desire abundance of love, health, wealth and friends. My passion is helping people improve life in any and all ways and to create FREEDOM in their lives. I discovered that helping, teaching and mentoring people who desire abundance in life is a rewarding experience.

By paying close attention to the market trends in the Network Marketing Industry I find myself being constantly educated and sharing this knowledge with others. Many people ask why I give this information for free? It’s simple… There are many people in the industry whom have experienced failure multiple times and think that it is their fault. I experienced that same failure until I found the untimate Attraction Marketing System which is an answer to prayer and has turned struggling with my MLM into Total Success. I Look Forward to speaking with you.

Let’s Connect!

Michael Barrett


Direct Phone Line: (617) 299-6402

Twitter Facebook Myspace


Check Out My Music:

Ray Stevens – We the People

Turning Point

Darren Hardy

[From SUCCESS magazine, January 2010 Publisher’s Letter]
Ah, 2010, what a poetic-sounding number. We just finished the first decade of the new millennium—time to take an accounting.

Over the last 10 years, how’d you do? Are you living the life you envisioned for yourself? In 1999, when you were watching the ball drop for the new millennium, is this the life you pictured for yourself back then? Ten years ago did you think you would be richer and healthier, have a better marriage and more friends, experience more joy and have more peace of mind than you do now?

If so, it’s time for a turning point.

You’ve probably heard the definition of insanity—doing the same things over and over and expecting different results.

If you don’t want the next 10 years to be like the last, then now is the time to do something different.

Humans are unique. We are the only species who can completely change the course of our lives. Ants can’t do it, alligators can’t and lions can’t. If a goose wanted to fly west instead of south for the winter, it couldn’t. All other animals besides humans are directed entirely by impulse written into their genetic code. As a human, if you don’t like the story of your life thus far, you can rip up the script and write a completely new one.

Ask anyone who has achieved great success in life—there was a turning point, a time when they made a clear and resolute decision that from that moment forward, their life would never be the same. They drew a figurative line in the sand and separated the patterns of their past from their new vision of themselves and the life they were committed to leading. Some make that turning point at age 15, some not until they’re 50; some do it several times throughout their lives and some never at all.

My challenge to you is this—now is your turning point.

This year, this month, this day, this moment. What you have accomplished so far is only a fraction of what’s truly possible for you. You are far more powerful, capable and gifted than you allow yourself to be. The only thing separating you from your grandest vision of your life is courage. Muster the courage to declare that right now, this year is your turning point.

This issue of SUCCESS is dedicated to helping you kick-start 2010, and we bring you 44 innovative ways to do just that from experts and readers (page 52) and in my article (page 66). And to get you thinking about your life’s purpose, we interviewed Alicia Keys, who has dedicated her career to inspiring others and offers insights on making a difference with your talents and finding your purpose (page 46). And Marcus Buckingham (page 28) provides tips on finding the strengths you will need this new year and beyond.

Make a decision.

When the clock strikes midnight 10 years from now, you’ll be able to look back with 2020 hindsight at this moment and this year as your pivotal turning point for the dream life you will be enjoying. Kick-start your 2010 and let the grand adventure begin!

-Darren Hardy

I want to help you make the next 10 years of your life the ABSOLUTE best 10 years you’ve experienced yet. Here’s what I’m going to do, starting January 5th, I’m going to walk you through a proven life planning process over the following 8 weeks, right here on this blog – and your desktop – completely free.
Posting twice a week, there will be 16 installments and I’ll guide you step-by-step, through the education and development process.

I’ll give you all the worksheets, planning documents, video and audio support tools you’ll need to make the transformation and achieve your BIG goals over the course of the next 10 years!

A Productive Perk –

MyBusiness Manual – October/November 2009
by Jennifer Larson

prepaid legal plan is just what it sounds like: an arrangement that gives an employee access to the services of an attorney for a wide range of legal needs. Depending on the type of plan, the possibilities range from assistance in creating a will to contract negotiation to representation in divorce proceedings or for a major trial.

The number of employers offering prepaid legal plans to their employers is growing, but right now, it’s still pretty small. According to the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans’ Employee Benefits Survey: U.S. and Canada 2009, about a quarter of respondents say they offer a legal services plan to their participants. The Society for Human Resource Management conducted a similar employee benefits survey and found that about 21 percent offer legal services.

The benefit to the employees is fairly straightforward. “It gives people access to the legal system,” says Nick Serba of Pre-Paid Legal Services. “Most people are priced out of the legal system. They can’t afford it, or they don’t know someone who can help them.”

Terry Perry, owner of PinkSlip, a three-person company in San Jose, Calif., was grateful for her company’s prepaid legal plan two years ago when she received a speeding ticket while out of town. She called and received an attorney’s assistance to get it settled quickly.

“The benefit is fantastic for those sorts of things,” says Perry, who has offered the plan as a benefit to her employees for three years.

So what’s the payoff for employers? Studies have shown that employees who are satisfied with their benefits tend to be more satisfied with their jobs in general. Proponents of prepaid legal plan benefits say access to legal services tends to reduce employee absenteeism because employees can get the services they need. They don’t need to miss work to sort out their legal affairs.

“It keeps the employees in a more productive mode,” Serba says.

It can be useful, Perry agrees, but she notes that some people may be reluctant to spend any additional money right now.

“I know people are cautious about how they’re spending their money,” says Perry, who asks her employees to pay for this particular benefit if they want to use it.

The cost of offering this service varies, depending on which plan and administrator you choose. The American Prepaid Legal Services Institute estimates that the cost can range from $70 per year per employee to as much as $400 per year.

To Learn More:  Click Here